Parties on Galveston Balcony
February 18, - 2017

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Row3: Linda Calvey - Shelly Butts - Jimmy Dinkins - Danny Butts
Row2: 2015 Queen(Fran Skiles) - 2015 King(Ed Riley)
Row1: King Matt Pace - Queen
Gladys Pace
i m
m y   L u m p k i n s - A n g e l B u s c e m e

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27Th Annual Mardi Gras Parade
February, 25 - 2017
Highway 87 - Crystal Beach TX.
Committee Chair: B.B. Young - Anne Willis
A f t e r - P a r a d e - P a r t y
February, 25 - 2017
Highway 87 - Gregory Park
Band: Open
Float Judging
Committee Chair: B.B. Young

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Parade
February, 28 - 2017
Strand, Galveston TX
Committee Chair: Matt White

Bead Hanging Party
February 19 @ Noonish Krewe Barn